Dear Student,

I am pleased to note your interest in taking up your course at the Tommy Miah’s Hospitality Management Institute (TMHMI). As a chef I always promoted a positive image of Bangladesh throughout the world.

We at TMHMI believe in taking the scope of studentship beyond the stipulated curriculum. The years that you spend here have been programmed to equip you as a through bred professional, capable of living up to the international standards that the Hotel Industry has established.

I do hope you have a fruitful studentship with us. Please feel free to contact our senior staff members at any time with regards any issue what so ever. Being an Bangladeshi Representative, we represent International Hotel Management School for higher Education in Switzerland, Malaysia, U.K and Netherlands.

We also train you to develop your career in Airlines / Cruise, the largest and rewarding industry in the world.

A sincere welcome and grateful thank you for considering Tommy Miah’s Hospitality Management, The educational #institute that really values Its students.

With best wishes.

Tommy Miah

About Us

The Tommy Miah’s Hospitality management Institute (TMHMI) is a full-service education and training organization that delivers comprehensive programs designed specifically for the hospitality industry. Tommy Miah’s Hospitality Management Institute is unique in its ability to meet the needs of client groups worldwide – students, professionals and corporations.

Participants can study in a global, multicultural classroom and participate in the World Campus professional networking community where they can engage in global discussions, share ideas, cultures, best practices and gain access to valuable training information.

Every hotel, resort, casino and hospitality business can benefit from continuing training and updating the staff’s skill certifications. Select our Certification Programs to discover what professional certifications are available or select Products to browse our extensive list of training options.

Principles of Our Work

Better Support

We promote and celebrate diversity and understanding among students, academic, industry partners and our communities.


We aim to create a better world through education, integrity and cultural understanding.


We promote public service as part of our educational process, encouraging students, staffs and faculties to participate in activities that meet a community or world need.

Best Value

We value our reputation for high standards & achieve our goals by working like a team.